CMMI offers solutions that help you to improve your organization’s performance and its ability to meet its business objectives. CMMI provides models accompanied by training courses and appraisal methods for objectively measuring improvement progress. (Process Maturity Profile).

The CMMI for Development V1.3, (CMMI-DEV) model is used for process improvement in organizations that develop products and services. CMMI-DEV provides guidance to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of their product and service development work.

The CMMI for Services V1.3 (CMMI-SVC) model provides guidance to organizations that establish, manage, and deliver services that meet the needs of customers and end users.

The CMMI for Acquisition V1.3 (CMMI-ACQ) model provides guidance to organizations that manage the supply chain to acquire and integrate products and services to meet the needs of the customer.


The SCAMPI family of appraisal methods contains three different appraisal method definitions (A, B, and C) that, in combination, span the range of typical appraisal objectives. The tailoring and scaling permitted in each method class is so wide that the three methods overlap in many respects; this overlap is evident when the full range of customized appraisal events and the options they support are considered in detail. (Published Appraisal Results)